Fisheries in Marina Alta (Moraira)

At the end of the 19th century, due to phylloxera (the wine disease) and scarcity of resources, the neediest people tried to fish in the fishing boats on these cliffs, risking their lives to obtain some benefit and to feed their family.
At that time there were not many options, they could only go to prune vineyards and rice cultivation in Valencia. Many of them risked their lives on top of a hurdle. Those who returned offered their catches (cuttlefish, squid and other fish) to the wealthiest people.The descents along the cliffs were very precarious, they were made with the remains of ropes, pine trunks, wire and ladders that over time could be they caused the worst accidents. Today you can still admire the courage of those brave men loaded with their arts in a palm basket and appreciate the spirit of the people of the Marina Alta.

On some cliffs over 200 meters of unevenness are overcome, such as the Sirera in Moraira with 50 meters vertically.

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