Our activities

If what you are looking for is to spend a pleasant summer day, this is your place. We, Moraira Boats Adventures, have all kinds of activities prepared for you. First of all, we have untitled boats so that, on your own, you can navigate freely in the Moraira, Jávea or Calpe area and enjoy the beautiful hidden places that only the sea allows you to see. On the other hand, we have a larger boat with skipper that offers the same experience but faster. Last, and not least, we offer fishing trips of all kinds, whether you want to spend with your family and your children enjoy big fishing as well as the well-known bluefin tuna, and it is only here that you can find the best pieces because in this area of ​​Moraira as we well know is an ideal place for it. Our team will always be by your side at all times because we want you to have a great day by our side. Nothing matters to us more than your experience with us.

To all these services, we include in the price all the expenses in addition to lending them drinks, life jackets, snorkel glasses and a snack.

For more information +34 610 40 03 08.

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