Our Pirate Route

  1. Moraira Castle: It was a fortress / refuge for the people who lived in the area. It was built to defend itself against the continuous cruel attacks of the Berber pirates. Hence the expression “there are no Moors on the coast”.
  2. Moraira Port: Base of the pirate expedition.
  3. Cap D’or Vigilance Tower: It was a surveillance point where a fire was fired to warn the inhabitants of the pirates.
  4. Creek Llebeig: It was a point where the pirates landed sheltered by the cliffs in order to perpetrate their misdeeds.
  5. Creek of Los Tiestos: It was a draped coat where you could collect fresh water that the Romans already used. Hence the name “Tiestos” or amphoras.
  6. Morro de la Blanca Cave: It is a small cave where to take refuge and prepare the raids.
  7. Creek Granadella: In the Granadella cove due to its draft it was one of the preferred places to disembark. Following this, the fort is built on the Cape of La Granadella.
  8. Sea Lion Cave: Another of the caves where to hide from attacks.
  9. Discoverer’s Tower: In front of the Island of the Discoverer is this tower absorbed by a chalet is another of the watchtowers of this corner.
  10. Organ Cave: It is the largest of the caves we have. In this cave several boats took refuge and could also collect fresh water.
  11. Cape of La Nao: It is the point of reference for sailors who sailed these coasts when they came from Algeria or the Balearic Islands.
  12. Black Cape: Here we have another watchtower although from the sea it is difficult to appreciate it that warned neighboring Jávea of pirates.
  13. Tobacco Cave: It is a cavity where smugglers hid tobacco and valuables that they transported.

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